More info on ISS 08

16 August 2007

The World Shibori Network has put up some preliminary information about the International Shibori Sympossium (ISS) to be held in France in November 2008.

7th International Shibori Symposium France ‘08
Provence (Roussillon, Nîmes, Lauris), Lyon and Paris
November 2008
7th ISS France 2008 Overview
Shibori spans our planet. Shaped-resist dyeing bridges cultures, religions, languages, and time.
The ISS seeks to explore and realize these dynamic connections. Thus, the venue of the 7th ISS
is, naturally, France. The French experience will include the World Tie-dyed Textile Exhibition at
the Musée du Quai Branly (Paris), historical textile collection at the Musée des Tissus et des Arts
Decoratifs (Lyon), one of the world’s great textile museums, and the resurgence of natural dyes in
Provence (red ochre, Roussillon; indigo, Nimes; madder, Lauris).
Proposed Dates:
Symposium dates are tentatively being considered for November 1* to 10, 2008. The natural dye workshop/field study component of the symposium
(Roussillon segment) is proposed for Oct 31 – Nov 04. The Lyon / Paris segment is proposed for
Nov 05- 10.
Agenda highlights:
Marketable design/craft products that support cultural and personal identities, especially
from Africa, Japan, and India. Bazaar, wearable art show, trunk sale, and exhibition.
Fashion and textile International Students Competition, and a Paris exhibition to be held
at a school. A key school in each country will take charge in organizing regional
Connections with the earth: ethnic textiles; natural dyes; photographic exhibition “Shibori
from the Ground Up.”
Scholarly papers on ethnic and historical textiles and processes, inspirational
presentations by artists and designers
Hands-on workshops and demonstrations by artisans and artists
It is important that we hear a response from all of you who are interested in taking part in or
attending these events in France. Please help us organize a great program of events by sending us
an indication of your interest and any feedback you care to share.
World Shibori Network Office
696 Hilldale Ave. Berkeley CA 94708 USA
T +1-510 527 3432 F -0231


One Response to “More info on ISS 08”

  1. glennis Says:

    Thanks for posting this info Karren. The symposium covers so many areas- so much to learn. Can’t say right now whether I will be able to attend or not but it surely is tempting- must explore the financial aspects of a trip like this.


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