Zen Garden Shawls

22 August 2007

These shawls were inspired by dry landscape gardens
found on the grounds of Zen Buddhist Temples in
Japan. The raked lines of the sand reminded me of the
pleats so I added some elements to the fabric which
function as the rocks in the gardens. The resemblance
between the shawls and the gardens includes the physical
frailty of the lines in the sand and in the silk; lines that
change with time and yet remain the same with human
reforming to overcome nature’s entropy. I hope I have
captured the spirit of these austere reductive gardens
and that the wearer become engaged in the process when
wearing and caring for the Zen Garden Shawl.
The aesthetics that I aspire to in this work is Wabi Sabi. If you are not familiar with this concept there is a delightful little book, Wabi Sabi, by L. Koren.
These shawls are a limited edition series and each one is numbered and comes with a signed insert with the number. Each one is made from two yards of silk. It can be worn as a scarf or a shawl. These have gotten quite a bit of critical praise, detail of one appeared on the covers of the Surface Design Journal, Spring 2004 and the cover of Silk by Mary Schoeser
I sent 3 of these to La Jolla FiberArts for the Sensational Shibori exhibit. The colorways at La Jolla are Green Tea, Dark Green Neutral and Red Ochre. I urge you to go to La Jolla to touch and try them on. I do my best with pictures but seeing them in person is the real deal.
I have a few more here, for sale, each one is a different colorway. They are easy to wear and each is $339, shipping included. If you are interested in one of the few remaining you may leave a comment or call me (9-5, EDT) at 937.767.8961. Upon request I will post here my photos of colorways so that you can get ideas of what they look like , but remember each person’s monitor shows different colors. We take credit cards and the easiest way to transact business with us now is by telephone.
Five of colorways I still have are:
20/99 Fushia Fizz
8/99 Teal
50/99 Thistle Blue (pictured above)
70/99 Nasturtium
22/99 Persian Gold
There are others, so don’t be bashful, ask if we have your favorite color. I’ll take some pictures and post them here so you can see.
Zen DGN.jpg


One Response to “Zen Garden Shawls”

  1. glennis Says:

    Just gorgeous Karren! I just happened to be in La Jolla a week ago before the show started so didn’t get a chance to see these pieces. darn!
    Saw a couple of others though and lots of work by others that you mentioned. I wish the La Jolla Fiber Arts gallery website was more up-to-date and listed the shibori show. All I saw was a paper taped to the window with the show info but I suppose they did a mailing…
    Love the altered texture too!


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