Village Artisans 25th Anniversary Show

30 August 2007

Over the weekend I delivered some work to Village Artisans‘ for the 25th Anniversary show. I was one of the founding members of this artists co-op.
The venture was a retail venue in the Village where members could sell their art work. We paid an annual fee ( it covered the annual rent) the 10% of sales (to cover telephone, other expenses) and each manned the store. There were 22 of us, as I remember-full and half members. I still have friends from that group. I’m looking forward to the reunion on 8 September.
I learned a lot from participating. I learned about price points. I learned about sizing. I observed what behaviors lead to artists growth/income.
Village Artisans is exhibiting a two piece set, opera shawl and feather pleated boa dyed together, like the one in the picture but in chili red with black.
AB:fuschia set.jpg
I’m proud that the co-op still exists. It is a great way to dip your toe into selling your art work.


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