Maki-age shibori

7 September 2007

This is a maki-age hankie that a student of mine bought in Japan and brought to a class where I photographed it. Lovely.
If you have been following this blog you have seen the technique if not the name. I have seen the Japanese name as both makiage and maki-age, or pattern within a motif. I have also seen maki-nui, maki zome, kawamaki, bo maki ( bo means pole). Maki-nui is a stitching technique with overcast stitches, thus I have an idea what the Japanese maki means to wind or bind.
I have referred to this technique as stitched and bound.
I showed how I did this when I was doing the Hydrangea Jacket–process. Further instruction are in by book, Shibori: creating color and texture on silk. On this blog you can see some at
samples, jacket . The Chinese use this technique extensively.
The Chinese are also making much of the Japanese style shibori these days. It ia a general consenses that the crafts are disappearing in Japan too. Their young people are not interested in time consuming training and the cost of labor is high. John Marshall said to me to buy handcrafted Japanese textiles now; they are cheap and disappearing.


One Response to “Maki-age shibori”

  1. Mandi Says:

    I’d love to collect some handcrafted Japanese textiles, but I’ve never traveled there. Do you know of a place to order from?


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