Maki-age Shibori Challenge

1 October 2007

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The Challenge

Maki-age or stitch and bind is a very simple shibori technique.  The tools required to execute are simple; needle,thread and more thread or string to bind, dye.  It works on nearly all fabrics.  It works with dyes, discharge, devore.  The designs can be naive or sofisticated, the choice is the maker’s.  A nice choice for a first ever shibori challenge here at ENTWINEMENTS.

All of you are invited to participate in the Maki-age Shibori Challenge this month, October 2007.   Make your own maki-age shibori piece and post it to the Maki-age Shibori Challenge Group at Flickr.  Start with white or natural fabric and make your own maki-age and then upload a picture here. You can share photos of the just the finished piece and/or of the process. Please tell us the size of the piece, the fiber and kind of dye used. The more information you share the richer the experience for all.

If you have any trouble joining the group email me at , you will have to change the AT to the symbol.  I’m trying to prevent spam.

 Maki-age or Stitch and Bind

Maki-age is Japanese and the translation that makes a lot of sense is pattern within a motif. This ia an accurate description of what you get with this technique.  Stitch and bind is a description of what you do.  I have shown how I made the motif above at Design Samples.  The basic steps are:

  1. Stitch around the perimeter of a closed motif with strong thread.  Come out where you started.
  2. Gather the cloth on the thread and tie off.  This will form a poof of cloth above the gathering stitches.
  3. Bind the poof by wrapping thread around it,  Tie and trim the thread.
  4. Soak the bound cloth in water before dyeing.
  5. Dye.

Dyeing here loosely interperted as any wet process; could be discharge.  This silk noil was dyed many colors, then stitched and gathered, discharged and then over-dyed.   

 Examples of Maki-age 

In my blog:

Other web sites: 

Rising Sun Imports

Peacock Imports 

square rose , ammonite  ,  mandala 1             mandala 2



If you know of more pictures of this techniques on the web please post the URL in the comments. 






4 Responses to “Maki-age Shibori Challenge”

  1. Karren – a few more websites with Maki-age shibori examples:
    Both are commercial sites, but have some stunning examples! This challenge sounds like fun – count me in!


  2. Karren Says:

    Please join the Flickr group to let me know you are participating.


  3. glennis Says:

    I’m working on mine in between everything else at the moment- great idea Karren and thanks for all the references. I’d call this real “distance learning”!


  4. Cally Says:

    What a fabulous technique; the examples are really inspiring.


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