Maki-age Challenge

3 October 2007


 I’m very pleased (remember I’m a Mid-westerner) that people want to articipate in the challenge.  I hope everyone shares lots of photos, process and results, and we all learn a lot.

One reason I chose maki-age is that it can produce both patterns, my personal interest, and images.  So do what ever puts a buzz in your bonnet. 




All these images are from Chinese Traditional, worth looking at more there. 

Would you make these for $15.50? but that is another topic, not ours.

First I notice that the indigo background is deep and smooth in color– a nice contrast to the patterned areas.  Also other techniques are combined with the maki-age for the over all design.  Are those tiny butterflies around the edge of the bottom-most square?  It is suprising to me how white or light the maki-age areas are.  In the middle piece, I see four values of indigo, the background is the darkest and the maki-age central panel is the lightest.  It is almost as light as white shadow shibori. The bottom-most square has the darkest maki-age areas, not sure why-maybe the motifs are not as tight to each other and more dark background shows theough.


3 Responses to “Maki-age Challenge”

  1. glennis Says:

    what intricate detail these pieces have! and yes, they do look like tiny butterflies at the corners. would you say that this kind of detail is more successfully achieved on cotton than on silk?


  2. Karren Says:

    Butterflies are tricky. I don’t think it has much to do with silk/cotton. It does have to do with the type of fabric. I have been sucessful with cotton T-shirt, silk/nylon fleece, silk noil jacquard — all dense, spongy fabrics. A silk broadcloth was trickier. Size of the butterfly matters as do the dyes you use– indigo the easiest and discharge the hardest–has to do with the degree of penetration. See the original posts on the Chinese butterflies for more details.


  3. glennis Says:

    i tried some butterflies on silk habotai and they didn’t come out resembling butterflies at all. my thoughts on the results were that i needed to make the motifs smaller and use a thicker fabric- haven’t gotten around to it yet though-


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