More Maki-age

6 October 2007

 Maki-age combined with spot-dyeing

Here is a Japanese piece with maki-age (radishes?), ori-nui (lines) and spot dyeing.  Nice, eh?  From Narablog where you can see a larger image. 


3 Responses to “More Maki-age”

  1. glennis Says:

    great example! you can see the stiched resists so well. i guess you would say the piece i did was “spot dyed” as well since i dip-dyed the tied and stitched areas only. my stitching is not nearly so clear as this.


  2. Karren Says:

    Your using gauze, right?- a very open and porous cloth that it is hard to do any stitch resists on.


  3. glennis Says:

    yes, i used silk gauze. actually, i thought the stitched resists showed up relatively well considering the lightweight-ness of the fabric. if i have tme, i’ll do another trial piece this week on some cotton i have.


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