Interesting piece

27 October 2007

I found this image, labelled Hiroshi Murase.  It is quite intriguing.  It has a lot of texture, both visual and physical.  This is probably what I would think of as the back of the cloth.  I see flowers, centers are kanko dots and the petals maki-age!  The vines or leaves appear to be ori-nui, i.e., running stitch on a fold.

The visual texture between the motifs was caused by gathers, these gathers were not moved during the dyeing process or the color would be more even.  Reminds me of willow pattern or flying geese pattern.  What is not clear to me is how these gathers were immobilized; in both willow and flying geese patterns the gathered cloth is tied to a rope.  No string lines here.


Challenge reminder

The challenge finishes at midnight 31 October at which time I will close the Flickr group, so up load your photos before that (EDT). I suspect some of the dates that the photos were taken are default settings on the camera, please check yours for accuracy.


We are having more exciting photos added to the pool!  It seems to me that everyone is learning something.


6 Responses to “Interesting piece”

  1. glennis Says:

    when you say “close” the group does that just mean that no more photos will be added? i hope the photos will still be available to view- there is some really great work there! I know i learned a lot- still am! thanks again!


  2. glennis Says:

    sorry- thought these were separate posts…..i absolutely LOVE this piece! I can’t get enough of the textured motifs. halfway to Houston right now and already can’t wait to get back to work on new pieces!


  3. eva Says:

    Very nice fabric. Could it be that it was gathered and dyed without working it in the dyebath at all? Perhaps it was lying right side down (the other side than in the picture) in a small amount of liquid, like LWI.


  4. Karren Says:

    Glennis, I hope to stop just the addition of photos to the pool and still have the pool public. But there I haven’t done this with Flickr yet….


  5. Hi Says:

    Hello I like your works very much. I would like to know hot to do simples stipes using shibori techniques. Thanks for any help.


  6. Karren Says:

    You might try arashi or bomaki shibori for stripes. You can use the search function on this blog to find many entries about these techniques or buy my book.


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