Making skeins for dyeing

13 May 2009

Yarn is dyed in my studio in skein form.  This loose open form can go into the dyepot and all parts can get dyed. Few purchased yarns are in this skein form, so how do you rewind the yarn into a skein?

Spinners do this often and have tools to help.  The tools are niddy noddys and skein winders but you don’t need a tool to do it a few times. You can use tools you might have for warping, a board or pegs,  a helper or a chair back.

Here is some  help:

When I have finished winding the skein I tie the two ends together in a bow.  The bigger the bow the easier it is to find the end of the yarn when you go to use it.  

To control the yarns strands in the skein and keep them from tangling  figure 8 ties are inserted. Make sure these ties are very loose and there are 6 or more.  When you move the skiens in water or the dyebath  they can tangle if not well controlled with the figure 8 tiesFrown.

If you have yarn in pull out skeins or balls it can be helpful to put it in a bowl or large jar on the floor  to free your hands for winding.


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