Dip dyeing is a form of immersion dyeing

26 May 2009

IMMERSION DYEING is the most common form of dyeing.  You make a bath in a pot or vat with lots of water and the dissolved dye, then add the prepared fiber.  Heat and stir until the dye is fixed to the fiber.  Then the fiber is removed from the bath, rinsed and dried.  In this process the dyeing and fixing are all one process.

It is possible to spread the dissolved dye on the surface of the fiber, then go though a process to fix it to the fiber.  This is called DIRECT APPLICATION and the dye can be applied to the prepared fiber by painting, silk screening, stamping, etc.  Dyes are usually fixed by steaming  but some can be fixed at a lower temperature for a longer time. After fixing the fibers are rinsed and dried.

The Dip Dye a Skein workshop (7 June) will do immersion dyeing and the Paint a Skein workshop (14 June) will be direct application.


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