Paint a skein

11 June 2009


This is a more difficult project than the dip dyeing.  I think that the fiber reactive dyes are more difficult, but the best option for cotton and other cellulostic fibers.

You may paint a skein or a warp.  We learned last week that when there are only 5 people in the workshop and when they  co-operate, you can dye a lot more than 8 oz. of fiber.  Every one will get to do their 8 oz. then if time and materials allow, you can do more.  Come prepared for more.

In painting you are putting colors side by side, not layering them.  This means that you can put red and green beside each other with out getting the dreaded mud brown.

However this is also what makes the process more difficult.  You have painted one spot your favorite color and now what color do you put beside it?  Any color in the world, this can be too many choices.  What will it look like?

I suggest  that you bring a picture, variegated yarn or natural object to help.  We can then pick 3-5 colors from that design inspiration for the first painting experience.  Once you have painted one skein, you might have more or new ideas about the second.   

Here is a picture that Carol sent me, I suspect it was taken with the Hubble Telescope up high:


I see periwinkle blue, oranges,  dark browns and little bits of off-white.

So bring a magazine pictures, or a sample of a color combination to get started.

So any skein will work.  A warp will not muddle all the colors together when you weave, but put in lots of figure 8 ties to keep the warp in order.  Normal size skeins will blend the colors together.  If you make long skeins, say 10 yds. (a warping board will allow you to do this) you will get sucesive bands of colors.

Anyhow, come with some damp cellulose yarn and have fun with colors!


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