July Sundye

4 July 2009


Shibori on silk

12, 19, 26 July (3 weeks)

 fold & clamp, stitched, capped
Meet at the Entwinements studio Sunday afternoon, 1-6PM
5 Students, $120 includes materials or $140 with book (autographed)

No prior knowledge of shibori or dyeing is needed and all levels are welcome.  We will explore the techniques that only require simple tools but can create many interesting patterns such as  fold & clamp (itajime), hand-stitching (mokume, ori-nui, etc.) and capping (maki-age).

•    Each student will receive 10 sample size pieces of silk to learn the techniques, a marking crayon and some other materials
•    Entwinements has a large supply of templates and clamps for your use in fold and clamp
•    Appropriate dye baths in colors requested by the students will be  available the 2nd and 3rd weeks. Five colors each week.
•    Each student can have additionally one large (about 1 yd.) piece of silk of their choice (from the samples) for a final project
•    Each student will supply their own hand sewing tools and have a copy of SHIBORI: creating color and texture on silk.

12  JULY
Receive materials,  Instructions and demonstrations on each technique.  Look at samples and plan your work.  Homework is to do the hand stitching.

Bring stitched samples for dyeing.  Other samples can be folded and clamped at the studio.  We will then soak and dye the samples that are ready.  There will be 5 requested colors and you can dye in each pot if you wish.  Open samples and study  the results.  Plan final project.   Stitching or other prep work can be done at home .

•    Final dye day; 5 more pots of colors the students request.  You can dye in one or all pots.  Open and display and photography of all projects.

You can see examples in the book or at entwinements.com.  With only 5 participants we should be able to accommodate to everyone.  Just let me know what you would like.  Please email (karrenatentwinements.com, change the at to@) with any questions.


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