10 July 2009

To accomodate prearanged events, it is vacation time after all, I have changed the dates and structure.
The instructions have been moved from Sunday to two week days.  You still need time to do some stitching at home.  We have 3 participants and it is a go.  Room for 2 more people each week.

We have chosen these dates:

Session 1-stitched resists
Tuesday, 28 July. 7-9 PM -meet to receive materials and instruction on stitched resists
Sunday, 2 August , 1-6 PM- dye prepared samples

Session 2-fold and clamp
Monday, 3 August- meet for more instruction, materials, trouble shooting
Sunday, 9 August-1-6PM -dyeing and photos

They are not mutually exclusive; you can do more stitching for 9th and you can do some folding and clamping on the 2nd.The best way to do this is to take both sessions; you will learn things you might want to try again; but life is very congested for most people these days and if you want to take only one session you can.

Both sessions: $140 with book, $120 if you already have my book. 
One session: $90 with book, $70 if you already have my book.


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