June Workshop for weaver dyers

10 May 2011

Retreat for Weaver Dyers

June 7,8, 9, 2011

This is a 3-day workshop for weavers who know how to dye and want to dye some interesting projects for the loom.  We will do some warp ikat stripes and some warp painting.  I will supply dyes. tools, and some fiber.  If you want the ikat stripes to go in a project you have in mind you may need to bring some of your warp.  I do warp painting on the loom so a warped loom that you can bring with you is nice.  If that is not an option a warp, some rods to hold the ends,  and a raddle or reed to spread it out can work.

 Limit to 4 participants.  After you register you will recieve a detailed pdf of what to bring.

Cost $300


Basic weaving lesson are being organized for June also.   Instruction for inkle looms, rigid heddle or 4H looms are available.  Call or email  with what you would like to learn and I’ll try to taylor a class to your needs. 


I also teach on Weavolution.com for those who don’t find it convient to travel to Yellow Springs.


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