Mary’s Retreat for weaver/dyers

25 May 2011

June 7, 8, 9, 2011



Ikat is resist dyeing of warps or wefts before weaving.

We will do some beginning warp ikat, maybe a few bouts  that you can use to spice up a warp like a rebozo.  It will need to be the same yarn as the rest of the warp, so please bring some of your yarn.  You will be making warp bouts, tieing resists on the bouts and then dyeing them.  We will need to know the sett and warp length to be able to make the warp bouts.

tiny ikat stripes add interest

There are many ways to do ikat and we can explore any that are of interest to you: warp ikat, weft ikat, picture ikat, shifted ikat, one-pot ikat.

Indigo kimono with subtle ikat stripes

On the left is a indigo kimono with just 2–thread ikat stripes to make it very special.

Here is a re-assembled warp after we did the ikat here in a workshop, ready to put on the RH loom.

ikat dyed warp assembled for placement on the loom

This is the one-pot ikat, The center ikat stripe is warped in colored yarns. The warp is a circular warp made with a dovetail cord. This type of warp is common with some backstrap weaving. When this part of the warp is complete the dovetail cord is shifted to form the V and then simple ties are made straight across the warp bout.  It and some other bouts were then dyed black.  Here the separate bouts have been re-assembld on the lease sticks  ready to be beamed on.

All those balls of colored yarn might prove valuable yet.

I like to paint warps on the loom.

To paint a warp I warp the loom as normal, just make sure that I tie on to a bar that is lashed to the front apron. I have a piece of plywood, 4’x8′, covered with plastic that I place under the warp.  I balance one end of the plywood on the loom and the other end of the plywood on a table (sometimes it is higher and that’s fine).  I then un-lash the tie-on rod from the front and pull the warp out over the plywood.  I can usually pull out 8-10′ of warp, less works too.  I clamp the rod to the far end of the plywood. I now have the warp in order and spread out on the plywood. Color placement can be very precise now.   I paint and dry the warp, rewind it on the back beam and then weave.

So if you bring a loom warped , ready to paint, 3 to 4-yd, is the max that we can paint at one time.  Warp dominate sett will show off the painted warp.  Be sure that you tie on to a bar that we can detach from the loom and pull out to paint.  It is easiest to paint white, natural or light colored warp.  Some pinstripes of a dark color can add a lot of interest.  Bring some yarn to dye for weft.

This works on any loom, backstrap, RH, 4H etc.  I have done it on my 8H AVL too, but that loom won’t fit in my PT Cruiser assembled.

There  are 3 participants registered and room  for 1 or 2 more.  The workshop fee is $300.

There are camp grounds, inexpensive motels and fine bed & breakfasts near.  Contact me for more info.


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