Weaving suprise

4 April 2013

single and double mayo q'enko

single and double mayo q’enko

Here you can see , on the left, a simple pattern, mayo q’enko, from the Andes. I have been working on my backstrap weaving under the guidance of Abby Franquemont at Stringtopia. I have been making progress, I’ve moved from crochet cotton to my own hand spun yarn. So far it has all been from one long wool fleece, a Border Leicester. I have also been dying it and now have a stash of nearly 30 color for warping.

Abby talked about how the doubled mayo q’enko pattern was more than just two mayo q’enkos. It has been a while since I did mayo q’enko and I did not explore its expanded forms. So time to revisit it with hand spun yarn. I chose a water blue and white for the first pattern, forgot some tie downs , put them in and got a clear, simple pattern on 4 pairs. Then I moved to 8 pairs, the original pattern doubled (on the right in the pic above). I put in a color change in the light pattern shed to have a reference point for myself. Wow!! I got an extra little diamonds inside of the big diamond because of the color change! Who knew.

I am thrilled with the complexity of the double design; part of it is the colors but part of it is the interaction of the edges of the single pattern now interacting with edges. I guess that our eyes discard the info at the edges.

Anyhow, I find the blue and white pattern very predictable and simple. The double pattern is much more complex and intriguing to me.


One Response to “Weaving suprise”

  1. This is beautiful. The design and colors are very complimentary .


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