Linton Tweeds

28 December 2013 detailI do love tweeds. My last hand woven piece started with some hand spun yarn that I made about 3 years ago.  I purchased a mixed color fiber, called sandstone, of tussah silk and wool fiber.  I didn’t think there was enough for both warp and weft so used some coconut silk (silk noil/wool) yarn from Henry’s Attic for the warp.  Colors were tricky,the hand spun yarn could look just dirty when mixed with the certain colors, white being one.  I dyed some of of the coconut silk pink and found a tiny boucle in my stash that had the right colors (off-white, light pink and baby blue).  The cloth worked out well, I think,  in winter pastel colors.

I wanted a Chanel type edging and that proved to be a little more of a challenge.  I ended up with a silver grey hand crocheted braid ( tube, would be a more accurate description)  and a dense boucle made from the left over hand spun yarn that was used as the weft and silk sewing thread.  

The current issue of Threads magazine has an article about Linton , a manufacture of tweeds. If that is not enough, you can go to their on line store to see more fabrics and yarns. The yarns are quite inspiring!  Spinners beware.


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