Student work from Brocade Class

10 March 2014

ALL of these students are working on rigid heddle looms.  The students have been trying different brocading techniques and here are some of their first tries:


She is working on mercerized 3/2 perle cotton, 10epi, and wove some milkweed pods .  She outlined her inlay with turns and added mohair wispies.


She is working on cotton rug warp, 8epi, and did a stunning border pattern in multi-colored cotton. Overlay-underlay with continuous supplemental wefts.

Here is some more work on the same warp, with just a hurried washed.  She found the snowflake motifs in a knitting book. The snowflakes are worked with 3 separate strands of perle cotton, overlay-underlay with the longest float 3 ends long.


An last but not least in a picture done on her first ever warp!  She used several techniques to create the effects she wanted.The warp is wool and the brocading weft are woolen types.IMG_1823


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