A Diversion

9 April 2014

I have signed up for a Lusterous  Linens at the Guild with Kati Meek that happens this weekend.  So I have warped my loom for the workshop and started weaving.

lace curtian sample

This is 16/1 bleached linen in a Danish 1897 la Cour ( might be Coeur, but my French is better than my Danish) draft which alternates plain weave warp stripes with lace stripes. The wefts in the lace section will clump together when it is finished and hopefully the reed marks will disappear in the plain weave stripe. It takes a bit of imagination to foresee the final cloth. Easy to weave, the 185 end warp, 4 yards long weighed less than 1/2 oz. I counted the ends over a couple of times, it was hard to believe they were all there. This is 5.7″ wide.

It is delightfully sheer.


Stay tuned for the finished cloth.


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