Weaving Lessons in Lebanon and Yellow Springs

8 May 2014

Weaving lessons with me, Karren K. Brito, can be arranged on Thursday evenings, between 5-9PM .    I have a space in the Creative Arts Center on the Otterbein Campus at 580 N State Route 741 just outside of Lebanon.  Ample parking and a well lit  lot make it a safe and easy location. These classes are limited to RIGID HEDDLE LOOMS, you bring your own rigid heddle loom and then take it home to continue weaving.

Alternatively lesson can be arranged on Sunday afternoons at my Studio in Yellow Springs.  We have been having a Brocade class here the past months. At my studio lessons can be on rigid heddle and floor looms. I have floor looms there and you don’t need to bring yours, unless you have an easily portable loom.

If you are a new weaver  you should start with  the Introduction Series 1, 2, 3 & 4.  The focus is on balanced plain weave and how to warp a rigidloom. You will make a scarf in each lesson, warping the loom during class and taking it home to weave.  Each project gets a little more complex.Once you have the basics under your belt you can take the other classes that appeal to you.

Here are some of the classes available.

RH weaving huipil

Weaving on a rigid heddle loom


Introduction to Weaving 1: Instruction on Your Rigid Heddle Loom

KALEIDOSCOPE SCARF: this uses a smooth variegated woolen yarn for both warp and weft.  The woolen yarn is forgiving and gives a novice weave a satisfactory result.  The variegation gives a sort of random plaid effect.  The goal here is to learn the basics of  direct warping for a rigid heddle loom, how to recognize which shed is next and how  to keep the width and density of the cloth rather uniform. Hemstitching finish .

Introduction to Weaving 2: Instruction on Your Rigid Heddle Loom


Checks formed with a plain and chenille yarn

DOUBLE TROUBLE SCARF:this scarf will use two different yarns in both the warp and weft.  You can have either a checked or a log cabin pattern in your scarf. You will learn how to change colors in the warp and how to handle two shuttles for the weft.  Twisted fringe finish.

Introduction to Weaving 3:Instruction on Your Rigid Heddle Loom


stash buster warp

Stash Buster warp

STASH BUSTER SCARF:  This scarf has a textured warp made from many different yarns.  The warp is composed right on the loom as you warp.  You will learn how to sample to find just the right color, size and beat for your weft.

Introduction to Weaving 4: Instruction on Your Rigid Heddle Loom

: How to select a yarn for warp and weft. Which yarn work with different size rigid heddles.  How to calculate how much yarn you will need for a project.  How to get a border the same distance from both ends of a project.  You will need pencil, paper, a simple calculator.  No materials supplied .


These are lesson are arrange individually, arrival time could be as early as 5 or as late as 7PM.  Each lesson will take at least 2 hrs.  A follow up visit is expected to see the scarf off the loom and to give any finishing help you may need.  Each lesson is $35 plus a $20 materials fee for 1, 2 and 3. The forth lesson does not require any yarn for the class. I prefer to supply the materials so that I know that they work, novice weavers don’t need their learning complicated by inappropriate materials.


Advanced classes available to those that have done the introductory series or the equivalent are


    Spanish Lace and Danish Medallions in a shawl

  • Warp Manipulations: Spanish Lace, Brooks Bouquets, Danish Medallions




  • leno

    Complex Leno band

  • Leno




  • Continuous inlay-overlay brocade

    Continuous inlay-overlay brocade


  • Brocade I, II, III, IV







These lessons are for both rigid heddle  and floor loom weavers.  To arrange a lesson , you can call, 937.767.8961 or  email me 





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