Fleece to Yarn Class

15 May 2014

color blending samples for bing salsa

color blending samples for bing salsa

This class will take place at the Entwinements dye studio in Yellow Springs OH, June 27-29th, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can start with either raw sheep or alpaca fleece. We will then sort and clean the fleece, dyeing fleece,and then process it to ready to spin-  picking, carding, color blending, sampling.  Not all color mixes work for all projects, a colorway that looks good in a knitted project may be rather blah when woven.  So we will use blending boards or hand cards to do a small amount of a color mix, then spin and knit or weave it and then revise our color mix.  By keeping records of the weight of each color mixed we can then blend a larger amount for a whole project with an exciting color mix.

You will need to bring a raw fleece, or make arrangements for one, bring a spindle or wheel, a blending board or hand cards if you have one (otherwise we will share).  The instructional and studio fee is $150 this includes supplies such as dyes.  The dye studio is small but well equiped so the class is limited to 6 people.  Only 3 spots left now.   Call 937.767.8961.

If you have a work conflict on Friday talk to me and we’ll see if we can work it out–maybe late afternoon and evening.  The dye studio is hot and steamy and we work partly outdoors. The house is air conditioned so you can cool off occasionally.


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