WARPING: back to front for floor looms

2 July 2014

Tomorrow  a class on WARPING begins.  We will meet at the Creative Arts Center at Otterbein, Lebanon from 7-9 PM. This will be a 4 session class, meeting every other week.

  • 3 July—- I.SETT, WARP CALCULATIONS. Sett is the critical decision to be made before making your warp.  Calculating how much yardage you will need for warp and weft is helpful.
  • 16 July—-II. WINDING A WARP.  How to make a warp on a warping board with a threading cross,and a raddle or counting cross.  How to tie and secure it when transferring to the loom.
  • 30 July—-III.  WINDING THE WARP ON THE BACK BEAM.  We will use a raddle and weights to get even tension by yourself .
  • 13 August—-IV. THREADING, SLEYING AND TIEING ON.  How to comfortably get the threads through the correct heddles and then the reed and finally connect the warp to the cloth beam in the front.  Checking for errors each step of the way. Any finally weaving a bit to check everything. 

This four session class cost is $100.  Bring some yarn you are thinking of using, a ruler, calculator and a notebook to session I.You are expected to wind a warp at home between sessions II and III. Bring your warp and loom to session III,  loom and threading tools to session IV.


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