Is there enough space?

28 July 2014

As I weave on this hand-spun warp the cloth beam is looking full.  I stopped inserting the slats a while ago because the woven cloth might get too big for the space available.  Is does look worrisome, right?

full cloth beamThis warp is 14 feet long, I have done much longer warps on this loom.  But the hand-spun singles  must be making a thick cloth even under tension.  A closer look show a bit of space between the front beam of the loom and the cloth roll.

full cloth beam.detail

I have never had a cloth beam this full.  When will it be a problem? what will be the signs that I can’t go any father?

The real question is will all my warp weave off.  I’m too close to the end to cut off and retie on.

empty warp beam

It looks like I might make it, not much left on the warp beam. We’ll know soon.  I didn’t think I was pushing the limits when I started this warp.



2 Responses to “Is there enough space?”

  1. Do you need the slats under the fabric? I know under the unwoven ends, but I’ve never put anything under the fabric. The idea is to keep the wasps from one layer into a bottom layer, but fabric is protected from that by the very nature of the beast. You might remove the slats from the fabric and rewind. Just a thought.


  2. Rhonda Says:

    That is my answer too, you don’t need warp separator for your woven cloth, only on the warp beam! You’ll gain some room removing those, hopefully,enough!


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