To fringe or not to fringe

3 August 2014

This is a piece of hand-woven that I recently came by from an estate.  My guess is that is was made in 1970’s .  I don’t think it had been washed more than a few times, I have since washed.  It was hemstitched and the warp was left as fringe.

cloth in good shape, fringe not so much

cloth in good shape, fringe not so much

I combed the fringe, pressed it and that has made it a bit more orderly but it has shed and looks wimpy.  It looks to me like it was made of a rayon tow linen blend yarn.  Tow linen sheds, sheds and sheds some more.  If the piece were hemmed it would look much younger.

Another reason I sometimes don’t like fringe on a piece is because of the color.  If the warp is all one color, such as natural, and the weft another color the piece has an in between color due to optical mixing and the fringe color can be jarring especially if the warp is lighter.  I see two choices here – add the weft color to the fringe or hem the piece- that resolve the color issue.  I have done both.


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