Not quite done with the silk worms….

12 August 2014

Today I went into the studio  and saw a moth on the floor by my burners.  I looked again and recognized it as a silk moth.  And her yellow eggs!

silk moth escapeeWell the timing is right for the moths to emerge from the batch of eggs that I raised this summer but where did she come from? As you can see the moth’s body is bigger than their wings and they cannot fly so her cocoon  must be near by.  I thought I had gathered and stifled all the cocoons.  I did have escapees  when I was mounting the worms to spin their cocoons, I was woefully under prepared.  I bought “250” eggs and must have had nearly 700 larvae.  Anyhow, I had found a few cocoons in unexpected places.  I thought I had gathered them all.

Guess not, you can see the yellow cocoon by the leg of the burner!  In the past week I have been washing fleeces in water that I boil on this burner. Even so she survived and has laid her infertile eggs( it takes a male also for fertile eggs) and is in the last moments of her life, she barely moves.  The moths have no mouth or digestive system so just reproduce and expire.

I am leaving her in peace.




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