Deparure Day -2

13 December 2014

Finally things seems to be coming together!  Phone works, passwords and new apps installed since it will be my workhorse for pictures, notes while away.  Finished the article for Handwoven and the editor seems to think she has everything she needs, whew!  All set up to teach a dyeing class to costuming students on Saturdays at Wright State University when I get back.  I need to make a syllabus, make a list for student materials and studio materials.  Bills paid, cat supplies laid in, frig nearly empty…..  Still have dishes to wash.

So I am washing clothes, found the passport case, I have the suitcase out, cleaned, measured.  Piles of things to take here and there.  One of the cats, Violet seems to know something is up and is glued to my side, not usual for her.  One more errand trip tomorrow, Sat.  I am grateful for every one who has helped make this trip possible, and there are many….


2 Responses to “Deparure Day -2”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Hope you have arrived at your destination. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine.


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