More Oaxacan Home Textiles

16 December 2014

As I walked through the open air market around the Zocolo on my way to Museo Textile de Oaxaca I took picture, with permission, of some moe colorways of these textile I talked about in the last post.




They were taken in natural light, or natural shadows.





I think these were intended to be table cloths. This one looked rather Christmasy to me.



And some pictures of them open up so you can see the overall composition. The fringe/tassels are added on not the end of warps.



When I got to the Museo I paid for a workshop, Warp Pick-up on Backstrap loom, that I’m taking in Jan. Then there is a workshop this week on joining panels together to make huipiles that I was told was full. I had asked if the teacher would give me a private class . She was there today and I spoke to her and am joining the class tomorrow at 10 AM for the next three days. I had to go shopping for supplies, cloth, crochet thread, crochet hooks. I think I have the rest of the stuff with me. Now I have to do my homework.

I haven’t found the grocery store yet but I did find the fabric and yarn store!


2 Responses to “More Oaxacan Home Textiles”

  1. rose ryan Says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you for the inspirational photos!


  2. Sandy Says:

    Who needs food when you can shop the yarn and fabric store. Beautiful, beautiful pieces of weaving. Enjoy your class! Seems everything is falling into place more than you could have hoped for.


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