My trip to Oaxaca

16 December 2014

Well I have lost the painful tedious draft I entered on the way down, I will now try to redo it with the keyboard— so much better.
I recovered a large black suitcase from my daughter and it just held my 16″ RH loom. So I packed all my clothes, art supplies, gifts, the keyboard and them the loom and accessories. The suitcase was half full. I added a few more things but this is a first, traveling with half empty suitcase. I could have put everything in the big case including the carry on bag but ….
I still don’t trust airlines and if you put everything in one suitcase that is the one that won’t show up.

So I kept the carry-on bag with one change of clothes, bed clothes and toiletries.

It was a wonderful day; my neighbors and dear friends took their Sunday afternoon to drive me to the airport. The airline people were very nice and helpful. Other travellers were kind and thoughtful. I think this is the first time I’ve had white hair when I’ve flown and I got help every time I even dreamed about it.
I had a 3 leg trip, to Atlanta, Atlanta-Mexico City where I had to spend the night and catch the first flight out in the morning to Oaxaca. Well the flight to Mexico City was over booked— they asked for volunteers to give up their seat and the airline would put you up in a hotel for the night and get you on the first flight tomorrow plus airline credit. ME,ME!
So the airline paid for a night in a very nice Marriott, who treated me very well because I’m in their rewards program, and I got into Oaxaca at 3pm instead of 8 am. I had every thing I needed in the carry on bag. I also have a credit with the airlines for just slightly less than I paid for the round trip ticket!

The shuttle from the airport was under $5, the ATM gave me pesos and I got to the place I’m staying with out incident.

So here I am in Oaxaca staying in the historic center of the city, settled in.

Tonight I went out to the Zocolo or plaza, which is a hub of activity and saw textiles in kiosks and ate some soup and fresh lemonade, two lemonades actually.

So here are a few pics from the Zocolo:





2 Responses to “My trip to Oaxaca”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Pretty in Pink. Glad to see you are there and settled in.


  2. The pink was so you could recognize me šŸ˜ƒ


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