Still bumping a long here

31 December 2014

Last night I made a whole new backstrap and ropes from the materials I had on hand, in hopes of improving the unrolling problem.

Started this morning, and the new backstrap is easier to put on and the ropes fit in the grooves better. But the thing still unrolls at unexpected moments, sometimes dumping everything from the loom on the ground. I pick up the parts, reassemble the loom, untangle the shuttles and tie on again. An hour and half of fighting with the loom and not one pick woven. I’m exhausted with it and decide to add a string around the back so that it can’t unroll. It works! It may be cheating but at least I’m weaving. Being a cheating weaver beats being a non-cheating, non-weaver.



Today’s progress. In the upper right corner is the new backstrap. I ran out of the redviolet that my teacher had and bought the nearest thing I could find, it’s good that it is a new row.

Progress is slowing because as the warp is woven there is less space to work the sheds open. I may need smaller shed rod and swords to keep going, wonder what Eufrosina will recommend.

Happy 2015 to all; may your warps be unbroken and your cloth good!


One Response to “Still bumping a long here”

  1. rose ryan Says:

    I am really enjoying reading about your adventures. Well done on persevering with the backstrap loom. Thank you for the informative and entertaining posts and photos. Happy New Year.


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