Finished, one piece of brocade on the backstrap loom

2 January 2015


So yesterday I wove as far as I could with the tools that I have. As the unwoven warp gets smaller it is harder and harder to open the sheds. I changed the shed rod, about 1″ diameter for a 1/4′ dowel, and started using my pick up stick instead of the sword and went as far as I could. At Eufrosina’s studio they brought out a skinny little sword for weaving in tight spaces. and we wove a bit more. This loom was set up with loops around the end rods so it has fringe. But if you look carefully the fringe is loops not cut ends, as sure sign that it was woven on a backstrap loom. Next step, washing.

To weave with 4 selvages, that is to weave to the end of the loops at both end of the warp, the loom has to be set up differently; instead of inserting end rods in the loops, a strong thread is inserted and then the thread is lashed on to the end rod. So today we set up another loom, still a short warp, 50cm, but twice as wide. There is no device to space the warp , you just do it. And both ends need to match in width and thread by thread with no crossed threads.

One weaves at one end to spread the warp, then turns the loom around , keeping it under tension so no threads cross, and then weaves at the other end. Eufrosina did one end then I did the other end.


Ready to weave a wider width!


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