Noche de los Rabanos

6 January 2016

 Lelis came to Oaxaca to spend Christmas with me and on the 23rd we went to the Zocalo in the center of the old part of town for the event called Noche de los Rabanos.  The local radishes come in all sizes from eating size ( they are wonderful here, crisp never hot and pithy) to small people size.  

They are red on the outside and white on the inside with green leaves.  During the day they carve, cut and assemble tableaux  made from radishes and then in the evening the displays are open to the judges and public.   There are different categories, radishes only, radishes plus vegetables, corn husks and straw flowers.  I must admit it is amazing what you can do with only radishes!  You can use them in their natural shape, you can carve them, you can cut them into slabs, cubes or brick shapes and assemble them.   


 This radish only tableaux is the Dance of the Pineapples.  It is a line dance by young women in colorful huipiles from many different pueblos dance with a pineapple on their shoulder or head. 

This just a taste of what they did with radishes.  Next came the corn husks, both natural and colored.

The came the straw flowers and my favorite tableaux, women working on their backstrap looms.


Quite a lot of creativity in the Zocalo on la Noche de Rabanos.
On another note, posting on the blog has been difficult this visit; the wifi comes and goes and uploading pics to the blog is hit and miss and very time consuming. I started this post 24 Dec.  Getting images in the right place beyond my patience, obviously.


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