Dyeing, Spinning and Weaving Feathers

9 October 2016


Portion of a textile woven by Noé Pinzón with down feathers. Noé was my teacher in backstrap weaving in the spring.

I have returned to Oaxaca just in time for TEXTIM, a conference on Mesoamerican Textiles.  A friend had signed me up for a workshop and conference and we stopped by the museum, Museo Textil de Oaxaca, today to check out the details.  The workshops are all on using feathers.  There was an exhibit  with feathers that we got to look at briefly.  My workshop starts on Wednsday and the conference goes through Sunday.  More to come….



4 Responses to “Dyeing, Spinning and Weaving Feathers”

  1. Cathie Beckman Says:

    Karren this sounds like an exciting workshop! The textile photo of Noé’s work is most impressive. Have a wonderful time with the feathers and weaving! I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience.
    Cathie Beckman


  2. Sandy Says:

    I am so happy for you and Lola. We really do need to follow our dreams. Warm temps and fiber arts all around. Doesn’t get any better than that.


    • Emptying the house was very exhausting. I felt like I had been beat up when I left Ohio. Here it has been busy, with the conference and a visitor for the conference. But meet lot of people, lots of information to absorb. Finally starting to feel like a human again. Lola seems to be adjusting altho’ there have been some adventures along the way.


  3. Maggie Says:

    Reblogged this on MaggiesCornerDotOrg Blog and commented:
    I wanted to share this wonderful article Karren K. Brito on entwinements


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