21 July 2006

There has been some need for information on dischargeing of dyed colors so I’m put up here in a printable pdf format an article that appeared in ShopTalk of the Newsletter of the Surface Design Association.
Download file
I have many notebooks of samples of different discharge reagents on acid dyes, and as I can take photos of the samples I’ll post them.


Dye Names

27 June 2006

I wrote an article for SHOPTALK, a column in the Surface Design Association’s newsletter called A Dye by Any Other Name… that is interesting to any one trying to dig out technical information on dyes.

indigo ferns(sm) .jpg
This is my shibori on cotton T-shirts. Indigo and shibori are natural partners. The Japanese shibori still being made in Arimatsu Shibori is mostly indigo on white cotton. I am including some simple instructions for making an indigo vat. This article was orginally written and published as a SHOPTALK article in the newsletter published 4 times a year by the Surface Design Association. Indigo is not a simple subject so I expect to revisit it.

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